domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

How to Map Skydrive as Network Drive in Windows XP

We have covered free tools like Skydrive Explorer and also Gladinet which can help you to access Windows Live Skydrive as a network drive. If you do not want to use a third party tool to access Windows Live Skydrive, you can still map it as a network drive and access any folder in Skydrive. For mapping Skydrive to Windows Explorer, we are using the SSL connection and for this we need the unique ID (WebDAV access) for connecting which can be obtained using a small portable tool.

1. First step is to get the WebDAV access address for your Skydrive account. For this there is a simple portable tool called SkyDrive Simple Viewer developed by Mike. Run the tool and login to your Skydrive and select the folder which you want to map.

In the image above, you can see an address corresponding to the folder I have selected. The address looks like this-

Here the sdfsd24645759 refers to the path which is the same as a personal sub domain when logging on to SkyDrive the normal way from your web browser. It can look like "". The sub domain cdckda refers to the your account and the folder you are trying to access.

2. Next step you need to make some modification to the URL.

The original URL-

Modified URL- \

We are connecting using the SSL for Windows Live Skydrive.

3. Open Windows Explorer, right click on the Network and select Map Network Drive.

4. In the Map Network Drive option, enter the folder as \ You can also chose to reconnect at Login and if you want to connect using multiple account, check the second box as well.

5. It will prompt you to enter the Windows Live credentials after attempting to connect to Skydrive.

Now the network drive will be connected and you can see the drive in Window Explorer.

Thanks to Mike for this detailed tutorial.

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